13 Things You Might Forget During a Move

You know the feeling. You set off on vacation, ready for a few relaxing days away from work and home life. But then you realize you forgot something-and the further you get from home, the more things you realize you forgot. Soon enough, you’re so worried about these forgotten items things that you can’t enjoy your vacation.

You might experience the same worried feelings as you move. Moving is inherently stressful, and you may fret over everything that could go wrong.

Fret no more! We’ve compiled a list of 13 things people often forget to pack, leave behind, and do before moving. Remember these things as moving day approaches to ease your mind.

6 Things People Forget to Pack

You won’t forget to pack the bed or computer, but you might forget to pack one or a few of the following items:

Safe Deposit Box

Leaving your safe deposit box and all its contents behind could cause you heartache and cost you money. And making the trip back to your old home to retrieve the box would cost you even more time.

Dry Cleaning

You love that red silk dress and your favorite cashmere sweater. Don’t forget to collect them from the dry cleaner before moving day. Also remember to pick items up your tailor and shoe-repair shops, if necessary.

Important Documents

Collect all important documents (including personal records and contact info) eight weeks before the move.

Personal records include medical, dental, vaccine, and veterinarian files. You should also obtain your children’s school portfolios.

Important contact info includes business cards, phone books, and friends’ addresses. The Internet makes it easier to find this kind of information, but having hard copies might save you time when you need to contact someone.

Items in Storage

You’ve checked and double checked every closet and cupboard in your house. But what about the shed in your backyard? The crawl space above your garage? Clear out all storage units, sheds, and crawl spaces before moving. And don’t forget to plan for these items on the moving truck.

Hidden Valuables

Do you keep a spare key under that loose fence post in your backyard? Did you hide a gift in a secret cupboard in your closet?

Remember to find and pack these items before you leave.

Curtains and Decor

You’re so used to seeing your curtains, window treatments, and wreaths that you might see them as part of your home. This makes it easy to forget to remove them from walls and pack them.

Even if you plan to buy new curtains and décor for your new home, remove the existing items and donate them.

4 Things People Forget to Leave Behind

Just like you might forget to pack some essential items, you might forget to leave some important things behind.

an image of a doorknob with keys.

Spare Keys

Collect all house keys for your home’s next owner. If you have multiple keys-such as deadbolt keys, window keys, or shed keys label them so the future owners don’t have to call you with questions.

Garage Door Opener

You’re used to having the garage door opener in your glove compartment, so you might make it all the way to your new house before you notice it. Remember to remove it from your vehicle on moving day.

Borrowed Items

Did you borrow your neighbor’s blender? Did your friend loan you their favorite movie? Return these items before you move to save yourself from the wrath of your friends (and shipping costs).

Rental Items

You might have terrible memories of your elementary school librarian hounding you about an overdue library book. Save yourself from a similar (and more costly) experience, and return any rental items before hitting the road.

3 Things People Forget to Do Before Moving

Between finding a new home, scheduling movers, and packing your items, you might neglect a few important processes. As you prepare to move, don’t forget to:

Turn Off the Utilities

couple costs sm

The last thing you want to do is pay a month of water and electric bills in a house you don’t even use. Notify your local utility services of your moving day so they can stop charging you.

Don’t forget to turn on the utilities in your new home. Arranging furniture and unpacking boxes in the dark is an adventure you don’t need to experience.

Notify Schools and Caregivers

If you have children, talk to administrators at their current and future schools to notify them of the switch. Inform administrators at the new school about any special needs your child has.

Remember to tell nannies, pet sitters, tutors, and housekeepers about your move at least one month in advance.

Cancel Memberships

Paying for a gym membership is expensive enough. Don’t double-pay for memberships in your both your old and new cities. Some clubs require you to notify them of your intent to cancel at least 30 days in advance, so double check your clubs’ policies. Avoid costly mishaps by keeping these tips in mind. Visit our other blogs for more tips on making a smooth move.

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