5 Tips to Help Your Summer Move Be a Breeze

Summer moves are really popular.How popular? Well, business usually doubles during these months.

You might wonder how we know this. We’ve been moving families in Indianapolis for over 50 years.

At Wheaton Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves in providing high quality household moving services for all of our customers no matter the season.

While moving in the summer isn’t impossible, it can be a challenge. We have put together a list of things you can do to help make your summer move smooth:

  • Schedule in Advance- We mean now. Yes, pick up your phone and schedule your move now. You will be thankful when you have it booked when June comes around and movers have no room. Also pick a slow day such as a Wednesday.
  • Think Heat- Plan your packing by the climate. If any items need to be in a climate controlled environment, consider packing it in your car. Take everything into consideration so you can accommodate your plants, boxes and pets.
  • Be Prepared for Late Deliveries- Unfortunately, traffic is horrendous in the summer. Pack some items in your car so that you will be okay without your delivery for a few days just in case.
  • Prepare Your New Home- Be sure to get your utilities connected at your new home. You don’t want to come home to a 90+ degree home with no air conditioning.
  • Plan for the Kids and Pets- You need to have room for your pets and children while the movers are packing up your items. Whether you have a room in your house designated just for this or you have someone watch them, you will want to give them their own space where they can be safe and comfortable.

Moving can be a challenge in the summer, but following these tips will help it be a breeze.

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