Plan a Move with a Pet

Moving can bring a lot of stress into your life, and if you have a pet, the move can put a lot of stress on them too. Animals can be very sensitive to the changes a move brings into their lives. So while you are booking your Fishers residential movers, ensure that you pet is prepped for the move too.Before the Move
The weeks leading up to a move can be very busy, so planning ahead for moving with your pet can help to check a few items off your list. Before you move, ensure that your pet is up to date with any vaccinations that may be required in your new area and obtain all records from your previous veterinarian. Finding a new vet, dog park and groomer before you move can also be a great help when you move into the new place.

The Big Day
On moving day it is important to keep your pet away from the often chaotic moving. You don’t want them to get hurt, and you don’t want to place the stress of the move on your pet. Providing them a room to themselves with toys, food and water works for some pets. For animals will more energy that require more supervision, finding a pet sitter for the day could be best for both you and your pet.

Post-Move Acclimation
Getting back into a routine as soon as possible will help both you and your pet during this transition. Things as small as keeping your pet’s water bowl in a similar area of the home are a big help. It is equally as important to ensure that the new home is safe for the pet i.e. no harmful chemicals in the water, no mousetraps in hidden areas, etc.

Allow our Fishers moving company to handle your upcoming household relocation. We work tirelessly to offer you the personalized attention to detail you and your family deserve.