5 Tips to Help You Master Your Move

-Call the mover
-Buy boxes
-Sneak toys into boxes
-Get the winter stuff out of storage
-Don’t forget the Christmas decorations!Sound familiar? Moving is stressful. There is a lot you have to do in a short amount of time. Maybe you’ve had this move planned for months and are just now getting to the to-do list or maybe you have had a quick change in plans and suddenly you’re moving in two weeks! Whatever the reason, we are here to help!

As Fisher movers, we have been moving people around Indiana and the country for years. We know how difficult it can be to get everything done in time, which is why we have come up with a few tips to help you master your move.

  1. Breathe- This should go without saying, but how many times have you caught yourself holding your breath while running around the house throwing stuff in boxes? Probably too many. Take a step back, breathe, and collect your thoughts.
  2. One Section at a Time- It’s a dangerous idea to pull everything out of the cabinets, especially in the kitchen. Break it up into sections and tackle each one individually. Set aside one or two cabinets with items you will pack last. Label the cabinets empty as you go so you can see how much you’ve accomplished and you don’t keep opening those doors.
  3. Throw Unwanted Items Away- If you haven’t used items in months (or years), don’t keep it. Now, we aren’t talking about the ice cream machine that you use profusely throughout the summer. We are talking about that extra waffle iron that you keep just in case but has been collecting dust on the top shelf for about two years now.
  4. Label Boxes- As you pack items, label your boxes. This allows you to know what is in there and lets the movers know where to put it when it gets to your new destination.
  5. Set Aside Things You’re Moving- Be sure to clearly separate the items you are moving yourself. This should include some clothes, medications, charges, any electronic equipment you use frequently, and toiletries.

Moving can be incredibly overwhelming, but with proper preparation it becomes much more manageable. If you are looking for residential movers in Fishers, contact us at Wheaton Moving & Storage. Our moving specialists are experts at moving families. Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today!