4 Ways to Unpack Like a Pro

When it comes to moving your home, half the battle occurs after the move.Unpacking is a difficult process, but it can be managed. There are a few basic rules to follow that will help tremendously. As Avon residential movers, we at Wheaton Moving & Storage have been moving people for decades. We know some tips and tricks to help you with the moving and unpacking process.

  • Start with the Essentials- Remember all that time and effort you spent labeling boxes? Now is when this pays off. Go room by room and unpack only the essentials first. Take the time to put them in their place. Unpacking gradually will decrease the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Throw Away the Boxes- As you unpack, break down and recycle those cardboard boxes or store them. An empty pile of boxes can be stress producing as well as unsightly.
  • Keep Seasonal Items Packed- If you aren’t using your seasonal clothes or decorations, keep them packed and store them. This will help minimize unpacking and it will clean out the living areas that are currently housing the boxes.
  • Clean as You Go- If you can’t clean the house before the boxes arrive, clean as you go. As you unpack a box for the cabinet, clean the cabinet first. This way you know that when the last of the items are loaded into that cabinet, closet, or drawer everything is done.

Sure unpacking isn’t that much fun, but it can be fun to watch the house come together. If you do so gradually, you’ll reduce your stress level and you will be able to see the results as well as use your home.

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