How to Safely Package Your Fragile Belongings

Whether you are moving just down the street or across the country, you’ll need to be sure that your fragile belongings such as glassware and bottles are carefully packaged to prevent damage during your move. After all, moving boxes shift during transit and even if your movers are as careful as can be, your prized collection of champagne flutes could be nothing more than a pile of glass by the time you reach your new home if they weren’t properly padded and packed. Luckily, proper packaging isn’t complicated and as the Carmel residential movers of choice, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to safely pack even your most delicate items.Choose white tissue over newspaper

Though newspaper has always been the classic packing material of choice, the ink can smear onto your glasses and leave you with a major mess to deal with after you’ve moved in. To avoid the headache, simply use white tissue paper instead.

Save the bubble wrap for last

If you’d like to add an additional layer of protection with bubble wrap, be sure to use it after you’ve wrapped your glasses in tissue. Bubble wrap can cling to glass and create friction that makes breakage more likely, so the tissue will act as a protective buffer.

Take advantage of cell boxes

Designed specifically for glassware, cell boxes provide a reliable layer of protection by keeping each glass in its own separate protected pocket. Don’t have time to find cell boxes? Simply use styrofoam plates to create individual compartments in any cardboard box!

Fill up any empty space

The last thing you want is for your glassware to rattle around inside its box, so be sure to fill up any empty spaces with tissue, newspaper, fabric, or any other soft material you can spare. After your box has been packed and sealed, you should be able to shake it without any of the contents moving around, so be sure that every empty spaces are well packed (don’t forget to pad the insides of your glasses too!).

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