Tips for Starting the School Year in a New City

It’s that time of year again! All across the country kids are starting to go back to school. Whether you kids look forward to the first day or not, the first day at a new school, in a new town, can be very daunting.As Fishers residential movers, we have seen many families go through this precarious time and have learned a few tricks to help your kids transition:

  • Tour the Facility- Many schools offer tours to new residents in the community. This will give you child the ability to become familiar with their new school and classroom. If possible, try to set up a meeting with the teacher beforehand as well so they know someone.
  • Join the Community- From day one, be looking for ways to get involved. Whether that means going to swim or dance class or joining a community sports league, the more opportunities your children have to make friends before school begins, the easier day one will be.
  • Get Excited- If your kids love going to the store and getting new clothes or school supplies, make it a big deal. Whatever you can do to add to their excitement for the first day. It could even be just a special first-day outfit!
  • Get Involved- This includes both you and your children. Encourage your children to go out for a sport or join a club. There are also numerous ways for parents to get involved as well. This is especially important with younger kids. They will feel more comfortable at the school if they know you are volunteering in the library. This will also give you the opportunity to discretely check up on your children.
  • Keep Communication Open– Don’t forget to talk to your children and ask them how they are doing. Even if they don’t feel like talking, having you check up on them frequently will help them feel like you care and are there for them. They need that support more than ever as they go through this transition.

Despite how challenging it can be to start over in a new community, kids are extremely resilient and will most likely adjust very quickly. If you follow these steps, they’ll probably adjust even faster.

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