Keep the Post Move Blues Away

Moving often ends in people feeling many emotions. After moving to a new area, starting a new job, registering kids in a new school, etc., it’s incredibly easy to feel both overwhelmed and reflective, in some cases even depressed. After all the chaos and stress of planning a move and actually moving, people often react to more change negatively and can be more prone to negative feelings.After completing a large move and beginning the unpacking process, it’s essential to use the below tips to keep the post-move blues away and get excited about your new area. How can you do that?

Get Out

It can be tempting to stay inside unpacking boxes, but simply taking a break and exploring your new neighborhood can be a great way to both meet new people and learn more about your new neighborhood. This can go a long way towards refreshing your outlook and finding out more about community events and stuff that particularly interests you.

Stay Learning and Active

Moving to a new area doesn’t give you an excuse from both taking care of yourself and staying active. Make a new resolution to go for a small jog every morning, or strive to find others that can assist you in your exercise journey. Sign up for a community class, or resolve to attend one networking event every 2 weeks.

Maintain Support

It’s typical to reach out to family and friends more often in times of change. After moving to a new area, reach out to friend and family as needed for support, guidance, or even just a laugh.

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