4 Tips to Prepare for a Last Minute Move

Moving is a big process, but unfortunately not everyone gets the blessing of time to prepare. Whether you get the last minute notice that you are moving or you were too busy to prepare until the last minute, these tips will help you get the job done fast:

  • One Section at a Time– Go through different areas of your home section by section. While you are pulling items out of drawers or closets, set aside items you don’t use anymore to donate. This will reduce time packing and unpacking. Check with your movers about emptying furniture. Some movers are okay with you leaving your items in dressers which will make moving in and out easier. However, be sure to remove any valuables as many movers will not move those items.
  • Record Everything– Have a complete list of items and the boxes or containers they are in. This will ensure that nothing is left at the old house or forgotten on the truck during the busyness of move-in day.
  • Don’t Procrastinate– If you only have a few days to prepare, there is zero time to waste. Make sure you have the supplies you need, start packing and purging, and scheduling your moving services and utilities needed for the move.

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