3 Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving is hard enough for people who understand the process, but imagine you have no idea what’s going on. People start moving in a lot of these boxes and packing up stuff. Things get chaotic and everyone seems to be stressed and moving at hyper speed.Now imagine you are a fraction of the size of these humans, have fur, and can’t speak English. I bet your stress level is rising just thinking about it! While moving is a lot to process, be sure to take some time to think about your furry family members. As Carmel residential movers, we have moved hundreds of families across the country and have helped them transition their pets as well. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your pet for the move:

  • Start Slow- If possible, slowly introduce boxes and the packing process to your pet. Bring in just a few boxes at a time and slowly fill them up. By gradually adding to the pile, you are less likely to stress them out.
  • Take Them on Car Rides- If you are moving more than 30 minutes away, this is an essential part of the process. Your pet is probably not used to long trips in the car. You may not have had them in the car since the day you brought them home. To help them get accustomed to the car riding experience, take them on several car rides and continue to increase the length of time in the car. This will help prepare them for the road ahead.
  • Create a Safe Space for Them- While it may be tempting to let them run around the new home, it could be a bit overwhelming and anxiety producing. Start by creating a smaller space that is just for your pet. Fill it with blankets that smell like them and their favorite toys. This will give them some semblance of normalcy.

Moving is a big adjustment for you and your pets. Use these tips to help manage the situation and stress levels. Looking for Carmel movers to assist in your upcoming move? Contact the professionals at Wheaton Moving and Storage. We’ll work to give you (and your pets) a smooth move. Call or visit our website to get a FREE quote today!