Wheaton Wheaton Chosen to Relocate Madison County Government Center

For over 50 years, Wheaton Moving and Storage and our partners Wheaton World Wide Moving have relocated homes and businesses in Madison and beyond, providing customized solutions to meet the unique demands of every customer, regardless of size or scope. During this time, we’ve built a reputation for being the Indianapolis moving company that cares, and we take our role in the community seriously because we hold our civic responsibilities close to our heart. Today, we’re proud to announce that our superior services and unparalleled customer support have earned us a prestigious contract to relocate the Madison County Government Center.

Experienced Commercial Movers in Madison County

Beyond our time in the industry, we’re committed to constantly improving our services, and this dedication to quality is just one our Indy commercial movers were selected for this project. The county building, which is closed to the public as of December 3, is being remodeled and the asbestos remediated. The building is expected to reopen in July 2018.

The experts at our Indianapolis commercial moving company are responsible for moving all of the county offices to the former Anderson University building in the Flagship Enterprise Center and to the former First Savings Tower. Once the building remodeling is complete, we’ll move the offices back to the Madison County Government Center.

We currently have 30 movers and six state-of-the-art trucks working around 12 hours each day to complete the move. As Commissioner John Richwine said, “the moving contractors know what they are doing. There will be no disruption of services to the public.” Using a color-coded system, we’ve already re-located the first-floor offices of the auditor, treasurer, county commissioners, and human resources.

Even though we’re thrilled to have our commercial movers recognized with such an amazing opportunity, our Indianapolis residential movers are just as excited to help you with your next move! Learn more about this project, our company, and how our services can benefit you by giving us a call today or completing our convenient online form.