A Moving Experience: Trusted Mentors Relocates With the Help of Wheaton Moving and Storage

The holidays are a time for altruism and goodwill towards your fellow person. The closeness of family, friends, neighbors, and communities provide the warmth all of us need to combat the inbound winter chill, and serve to remind us of the most defining truth of being human: that we are all connected.Now that the holidays have come to an end, though, it bears remembering year-round that each of us, at some stage of our lives, could use a helping hand. It’s the principle that powers Trusted Mentors, and their mission to pair trained volunteers with at-risk adults to help them build more sustainable and enriching lives.

Year after year, Trusted Mentors has grown, both in terms of program participation and organizational size. Last year, they mentored over 250 adults, who took part in programs focused on a range of lifestyle cultivation areas, including homelessness prevention and societal re-entry following incarceration. This consistent growth has been a blessing, but also a logistical challenge, as our need for office and training space has increased drastically.

An Incredible Gesture From Indianapolis’ Top Local Movers

Luckily, our team of expert local movers in Indianapolis shares TM’s dedication to lending a helping hand, so much so that we’ve been doing it for more than half a century. Wheaton Moving and Storage, an agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving—the country’s fourth-largest household goods carrier—and long-time admirer of Trusted Mentors’ mission, graciously leapt at the opportunity to help move TM from their temporary offices to a permanent headquarters with increased office and training space.

For Wheaton’s general manager, Mark Russell, the decision was a simple one. When asked about the company’s generous act of providing full moving services to their organization at no cost, Russell plainly stated, “Trusted Mentors is a good cause, and it sounded like they needed some help.”

The Wheaton team’s efficient moving techniques and expert project management made their relocation quick, seamless, and most importantly, stress-free. We understood that their time and effort was better spent serving our Indianapolis neighbors—not negotiating rates and worrying about logistics.

Trusted Mentor’s founder Jeri Warner was just one of many staff members to be thoroughly impressed by Wheaton’s top-flight relocation service, saying, “Due to their speed and expertise, we expect to rapidly be back to focusing on our mission and mentoring more people.”

Kindness is a culture, and if Wheaton’s example is any indicator, it’s one that is catching. We hope that this small gesture from Wheaton Moving will encourage all to reach out and volunteer this New Year.