Household Goods Storage with Wheaton Moving & Storage

Storing Your Items with Wheaton Can Be A Better Option than Self-Storage

Take a drive down most main roads in American and you’ll likely pass one, two or five self-storage units! Self-storage facilities are being built at a rapid pace for many reasons; declutter a home, keep vehicles etc. American’s also keep their household goods in self-storage units during a home transition if the timing of buying and selling don’t line up perfectly.

Is Self-Storage a Good Option?

The short answer is, it can be. There are many situations where self-storage makes complete sense a few include storing non-essentials and storing a student’s belongings for the summer. That said, many consumers have a need to store their entire household which can pose challenges when it comes to self-storage. At Wheaton Moving & Storage we have many customers who need storage while building a new home and want assurance their items are safe.

Downfalls of Self-Storage

  1. Items are forced into small spaces, often unprotected and stacked on top of one another.
  2. If you want your items insured you’ll need independent insurance for your household goods.
  3. A moving companies liability will not extend through the duration of storing items.
  4. Depending on the facility, your items may not be secure.
  5. Accessibility of the facility for a moving truck may be an issue for some movers which can be add added expense in the long run.

Alternative Storage Option with Wheaton Moving & Storage

Wheaton Moving & Storage has a storage facility specifically designed for household goods. Not only can Wheaton move you down the street or across the country, Wheaton can store your items in a temperature controlled facility for as long as necessary.

Benefits of Storage with Wheaton

  1. Work with one company from start to finish and avoid searching for storage options.
  2. Storage with Wheaton offers a convenience self-storage can’t offer.
  3. Items will be covered by Wheaton Moving & Storage liability at a level selected by the consumer.
  4. Wheaton Moving & Storage offers 24/7 facility monitoring and is approved by the US Military.
  5. Our facility has no access issues and makes moving in and out easy and convenient.

Next Step if You Need Storage

Contact Wheaton Moving & Storage today at 317-842-8111 to find out more storage benefits and how we can help!