How Do I Tell My Employees We’re Moving Offices?

Moving offices is often a sign of growth and positive change within the company, so it can be a truly exciting time. However, it also means adjustment and transition for both you and your employees. There’s a chance that some employees will be extremely stressed or even unwilling to move – especially if the new space is far away. Our blog will give you tips on how to successfully inform your employees of the company move to keep stress levels down and excitement up.

How to tell my employees we’re moving offices


The first step to breaking the moving news to your employees is not how you do it, but when. Don’t make it a last-minute announcement. Tell your employees about the relocation about 2-6 months before it happens. The farther the move, the earlier you need to tell them. Make sure you tell everyone at once. You don’t want anyone finding out from a different source.


When you decide to tell the office about the company move, make sure you highlight the benefits of the new location. Whether you’re moving to a bigger office, a busier area or a nicer space, make sure your employees know how this move will benefit them as well as the business.


Whether you make the announcement in person or in an email, make sure you cover these topics:

  1. Timeline. From when they need to be packed to the first day in the new office, make sure everybody knows what’s happening when.
  2. Packing instructions. Inform your staff of what they need to pack—like their personal belongings, for example.
  3. New office information. Let them know what the office will look like and what the set-up is. Provide them with the address, parking and commute options.


After you make the announcement, open the floor to any questions. Make sure you let employees know they can email or call you for questions later on as well.


Moving offices is hard work. Once you get into your new space, throw a launch party for your company. This will help start your new location off on the right foot and meet the new neighbors. Plus, it will give you time to bond with your employees.

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