Improving Your Mood After Moving Day

Moving can bring up a lot of different emotions. Maybe you moved away from your friends, or you moved away by yourself. You might have moved to your dream destination and are just feeling tired. Whatever your situation, it can be mentally draining and even scary to be in a foreign place.

There’s a lot to do after you officially move into your new house. Unpacking, cleaning, organizing and shopping are just a few things on the long list. Create a plan for you and for your house; both are a priority. Moving with kids can mean new schools, friends and routines. Talk out all their fears and make an action plan for them, too. Wheaton has a few tips and tricks for easing your nerves and improving your mood after moving.

Get outside. You’d be amazed at what a little bit of sunshine and fresh air can do for your mood. Explore your surrounding area by foot, bike or car. Try a new restaurant or coffee shop. Search for local tours or nature walks – your local parks and recreation department would be a great place to start! If you’ve moved near state or national parks, hit the trails. Just make sure you slather up with sunscreen first.

Volunteer. According to Harvard Health, volunteering can help feelings of loneliness. Look into ways to give back in your community. Talk with new neighbors and colleagues about places they volunteer for ideas and keep an eye out in the local paper or community Facebook groups to find out about upcoming opportunities.

Stay connected to family and friends. Whether you are still close to loved ones or you moved across the country, keep in touch with those who are important to you. Weekly phone calls or video chats can help you stay up to date on each other’s lives and give you a time to relax and share a laugh. It can be hard for kids to move away from friends, cousins or people they see regularly, too. Have them write letters to people they left behind. This is a fun way to connect and a neat surprise for those not expecting mail.

Join a fitness class or gym to meet friends. Exercise releases endorphins that boost your mood naturally. In turn, consistent physical activity can help reduce anxiety and depression. Check out this list to see more benefits. Exercising is a great way to keep your body healthy and make friends to make your workout more enjoyable. Yoga specifically has been proven to naturally relax your body and relieve stress that your body is holding onto.

Make your space feel like home. Your new house should feel like a home. Decorate with pictures of people and places you love. Being surrounded by people and things that make you smile is sure to bring your spirits up. Cook your favorite dish that mom used to make or bake some brownies for that delicious aroma. Kids love coloring pictures. Tape a few on your fridge or around the house to make you smile throughout the day.

Dive into your new city. Embrace the new and find something local that piques your interest. Who knows, your new city or state might be famous for a sport or activity you’ve always wanted to try. Local festivals and contests are a great way to meet others in the area, and maybe there are other newbies just like yourself.

Take care of yourself. Your physical health is just as important as your mental health. Keep hydrated and make sure you have a balanced diet. Strong routines can help keep you out of a funk. Even if this move was your dream come true, your body will need to rest and recover for the next day or two. Be positive about the move, even if it seems like a horrible idea in the moment. Keeping a good attitude can create positive outcomes.

Moving will always be a challenge. Make it a priority to be just as prepared for the weeks after the move as you were for the ones leading up to it.

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