Moving in Winter: What to Keep in the Car

Moving in winter is a tough task, and not being prepared with necessary equipment makes it even tougher. If you’re unlucky enough to get caught in a blizzard in transit, you’re going to want supplies handy in case you slide off the road or get stuck in the snow. To make sure you know what to bring with you during your winter move, our Carmel movers created a list of essential items to keep in the car.1) A Snow Shovel

The quintessential piece of winter equipment, a snow shovel will come in handy if you need to dig yourself out of a pinch. It will also prove useful for clearing a path from the truck to your door.

2) A Car Charger for Your Cell Phone

In case you get caught in a bad position you can’t get out of, it helps to have a charged cell phone so you can call for help. Keep a car charger handy so your phone has all the juice it needs.

3) Sandbags

Sandbags add weight to your car, causing it to fishtail less. Additionally, the sand within can be spread to help your car get traction if it’s stuck.

4) An Ice Scraper

If you need to pull over in the middle of the storm, it helps to have a snowbrush and ice scraper so you don’t have to use your hands to clear your car. They also come in handy for clearing the ice off your wiper blades.

5) Jumper Cables

Say you’re moving long distance and you decide to stay in a hotel on a cold night. If you wake up in the morning to a car that won’t start, your battery is probably too cold. Keep jumper cables handy so you can get a jump from someone instead of having to tow your car to a mechanic.

As long as you have these items with you, you’ll be prepared to handle the harsh conditions of moving in winter in Indiana. If you need a company that has experience relocating in extreme conditions, contact Wheaton Moving & Storage today. Give our Carmel moving company a call or fill out our online form to receive your free quote!