Receiving a Moving Estimate from Wheaton Moving

Let’s face it; moving is stressful and a life event most American’s dread. Because the majority of people don’t look forward to the process, many kick the can down the road and hold off planning as long as possible. We say, “Don’t do that! Moving can be easy!” Wheaton Moving is here to help!

You can ask yourself the common questions such as, “Where do I start?”, “Who’s the BEST MOVER?”, “What type of service do I need?”, but there’s no need! By calling Wheaton Moving & Storage an industry leading move consultant will walk you through the easy steps needed for a successful relocation you both want and need. In a nutshell, here’s how to get started:

  1. Contact Wheaton Moving & Storage @ 317-842-8111 or click here and a consultant will reach out to you.
  2. Schedule an in-home or virtual walkthrough; whichever you prefer. This allows our trained team to answer your questions, explain our custom move plan options and make sure you receive the accurate pricing you want!
  3. After receiving your estimate, let your move consultant know you’d like to move forward and we’ll take it from there. With a few clicks we’ll have you on our schedule and introduce you to your dedicated Move Manager!

If that sounds easy, it is! Contact us today so we can show you moving can me smooth and hassle free!