Tips for Being a Nice Neighbor During Your Move

Moving is such a big process that it affects not only you, but your neighbors as well. Even if you aren’t close with your neighbors, your move could still make and impact on their day or week.As Carmel movers, we have lots of experience moving families to, from, and around the Indianapolis metropolitan area. We have picked up a few tips over the years to help make the transition easier on your neighbors as well.

  • Let Them Know- The best way to start the conversation is to let them know you are moving and when. This will allow them to plan accordingly so they can make sure their plans aren’t ruined when a moving truck shows up and blocks in their cars.
  • Be Courteous- Try to schedule your move for a weekday when they will be gone at work. This way you won’t have to worry about getting in their way.
  • Clean Up- As your doing your final walk-through of your home, make sure that all debris is picked up…outside too. You may not have to live with it, but having liter across the yard is unsightly and bad for the environment.
  • Say Goodbye- If you have friends in the neighborhood, it’s nice to throw a little goodbye party. It gives you all one last time to hang out in the old house and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a great opportunity for closure that will allow you to move on to the excitement of a new journey.

Moving is intrusive, difficult, and time-consuming. It can be for your neighbors as well, but if you plan accordingly it can go smoothly and without incident.

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