The Cheapest Way to Move Cross-Country

Did you just get that new, exciting job offer cross country? Or are you just wanting to pick up and start over?  No matter what, moving cross country can be expensive. You may be dreading the overall cost of your move, and it may be stressing you out more than it should be. Luckily, there are ways to move in an inexpensive way. Read on to find out the best ways to move! 

  1. Pack Yourself 

While packing yourself may seem like a hassle, this is one of the many ways to save a couple hundred dollars. Make sure you dedicate enough time to do this and organize all your stuff in an efficient way. You may prefer to do it this way because you will be able to see what you are packing and where you are putting things. This will be easier on you and save money!  

  1. Don’t Move in the Summer 

The summertime is peak season, therefore there is more demand, making it even more expensive to move. To avoid paying extra fees and the overall hassle of moving when it’s hot out, find another time to move. The late fall may be your best option for balancing price with availability and cooperative weather. Be sure to look at all your options when finding a time to move to save the most money!  

  1. Find Free Supplies  

Boxes can be reused and so can a lot of other packing supplies. Grocery stores and liquor stores are usually happy to offload boxes to customers who need them. Ask around and check with your friends who may have recently moved to see if you can reuse some of their boxes and materials. You can also consult social networks such as Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace for boxes. This will save you money by avoiding the extra cost of having to purchase materials – plus it’s better for the environment to reuse supplies rather than to buy new every time. 

Another option is to order your supplies in bulk if you need a lot of packing supplies for your move. This is the best way to save money on supplies, since you can get more for a better price. Look on wholesale websites such as ULINE to do this.  

  1. Ask for Help  

Moving a whole house by yourself can be a daunting task. You may get overwhelmed very easily because there is so much to do. Asking friends and family to help is the most cost-efficient way to not have to pay someone to pack for you. Just buy your friends pizza, invite them over and have a good time! Make it fun by giving out prizes: 

  • Heaviest Lift goes to the person who moves the most massive item 
  • Softest Touch goes to the person who packs the most fragile item safely 
  • Zippiest Mover goes to the person who moves the most items onto the truck 

The prizes don’t have to be expensive, either. As you pack up your items, find some stuff you don’t want anymore – maybe a candlestick or a fancy (ish) bowl. The sillier the item, the more laughter you’ll enjoy with your moving partners. Make your last get-together in the new house a fun day of spending time with the ones you love before you move. 

  1. Declutter  

Having unnecessary items means there’s more to pack and load onto the truck. That also means you need to buy more materials, furthermore, spending money and time. Take the time to go through the items you no longer need and either donate or sell them. Facebook marketplace is an excellent tool to get rid of times that are no longer needed. All you do is post your item that you want to sell and set your price. Whoever buys your item will pick it up from you and then you’re done. There are also many places you can donate items to, so be sure to check out what’s local to you. 

Moving doesn’t have to be expensive. With these tips you are sure to save money and make your move go smoothly. Be sure to do all you can to have a sustainable and affordable move, you will thank yourself later. If you have other moving questions or are thinking of using a professional mover to keep your items safe, call us today!