Top 10 US Metro Areas to Move to in 2022

There’s something for everyone when you live in the city, right? The possibilities are endless! There is always something to do, which is great, especially for families. A downside of moving to such a city or metro area is the cost of living. It is no fun to spend most of your paycheck on housing and living expenses, though. That’s why Bekins searched out the best places to live that are in a metro area but won’t break the bank!

10.) Pittsburgh, Pa.

If the northeast is too expensive for you, look no further than Pittsburgh! This is a homey city located in western Pennsylvania. There is plenty to do in Pittsburgh, and it has even been said to cater to the midwestern hospitality spirit. There is a plethora of new places to live around the city and even some places that are still being developed. This is the perfect place to raise a family or even get your life started!

9.) Kansas City, Kan.

If you’re looking for a fun and active city, while not making your wallet hurt, Kansas City may be the place for you. The city known as the Heart of America offers entertainment, nightlife, and family activities in Kansas City all year round. You get all four seasons, and they are mild and easy to deal with. This is most definitely a midwestern city that loves sports and its people!

8.) Tulsa, Okla.

With an average living cost 17% below the U.S. average, Tulsa lies in the great state of Oklahoma. Tax rates in Tulsa are 24% cheaper than the national average, and there are plenty of things to do in every district of the city. They even have a newly developed Arts Deco district which allows its visitors to experience all different forms of art. Tulsa sports plenty of trails and parks close by so you can spend time in the great outdoors!

7.) Buffalo, N.Y.

Located in the great state of New York, Buffalo can be a great place to land because of the variety of culture and all kinds of different people. It is also a great place to raise your family because there is so much diversity with learning opportunities everywhere. New York may be expensive, but if you want somewhere in the northeast that is more affordable, Buffalo is your place.

6.) Fayetteville, Ark.

If you are looking for an active southern city, Fayetteville is the place for you! With super affordable prices, this city is sure to blow your mind. There is plenty to do in Fayetteville because it’s a college town. There are plenty of young people of course, but the family population is immense as well. The average monthly rent sits around $640, which is way below the national average. This is also a great place to start your professional life with an unemployment rate of just 2.4%.

5.) Huntsville, Ala.

Although the cost of living is slightly above state average, this metro area in Alabama is sure to have everything you need. There are big name companies that are sure to appease the jobseekers as well as an affordable housing market. The cost of living is 4% below the national average, allowing you to find a place that will better suit your lifestyle. The weather is beautiful as well with mild winters and plenty of things to do outside.

4.) Omaha, Neb.

If you’re looking into somewhere to live in the Midwest, Omaha may be the place for you. With a laid-back lifestyle and a homey feeling, this place is sure to offer what you need. Housing is 9% below the national average, along with many things to do. You also get all four seasons. If you are looking for somewhere to settle down while having a good job this is the best place for you. Many Fortune 500 Companies are also located here, which will allow you to make a good income while living in an affordable place in the Midwest.

3.) Des Moines, Iowa

Located in Iowa and the state capitol, Des Moines is another mid-sized midwestern city that has a lot to offer while being affordable. If you are looking to expand your education, there are plenty of opportunities to do that as well. Drake University and Grand View University are both located there. The Downtown Farmers Market has also been ranked one of the best farmers markets in the country!
2.) Dallas, Texas

This place is a growing city for sure! Dallas has been thought of being just a hot, sweaty city, but in recent years residents have been changing that perception. New houses, apartments, and other places to live are being built constantly. There are a ton of new restaurants and areas to try in the city. Lots of remodels happening as well, but the best part is its affordability! Dallas offers plenty of opportunities for young people to explore all that Dallas has to offer as well as new career opportunities and places to settle down and start families. With an endless number of suburbs, this city has plenty to offer.

1.) Fort Wayne, Ind.

Located in Northeast Indiana, this mid-sized city is the perfect place to move to in 2022. There has been a 38.6% increase in jobs predicted in the next 10 years. So, whether you are a young professional looking to move somewhere affordable or someone looking for an opportunity for their family, this is the place for you! Downtown has recently gotten remodeled and new businesses are popping up every week. There is always something to do, and Fort Wayne residents are only two hours away from the state capitol, Indianapolis. New houses are constantly popping up in the suburbs. Whether you like museums, sports, or animals, Fort Wayne is the place to move to in 2022.

With a rapidly changing economy, there is an argument to be made for moving to more affordable places. Housing prices are skyrocketing everywhere, along with living expenses. If you decide to move to any of these top 10 US metro areas to move to in 2022, call Wheaton Moving & Storage today at 317-842-8111. We’re happy to deliver your household goods safely to your home in the perfect city for you.