Use These Apps for an Improved Move Experience

In today’s world, if you can think of it, there’s more than likely an app for it. Our mobile devices have technology that can bring tools and information to our fingertips almost instantaneously. Whether you use apps for cooking, time keeping, calculating or shopping, there are apps out there for virtually every aspect of life.

We’ve Identified These Apps to Help on Your Move Day!


Think of Boxmeup as those awesome X-Ray specs that you could order from comic books way back when. The Android only app builds virtual containers for you, allowing you to mirror the contents of a particular real world box. It then forms lists into a QR code, which you can print out and place on the real world box. By scanning the QR code, you can quickly see what’s in the box without having to open it!


A website only application, Olioboard is worth checking out. Think of it as a virtual decorator for your home. Room-by-room, you design the layout of your home with furniture (by way of full 2D or 3D models) before buying anything.

The site also features direct links to online retailers so you can buy your furniture, should you so choose. This is a very easy to use tool to help you set up your home before your possessions are delivered post move.


What if we told you there’s a personal concierge for your home? It exists and its name is Redbeacon. This nifty app for both Android and iOS takes your zip code information and a specific service request; for example, a plumber. Within 24 hours it will return results for quotes (when possible) and product recommendations from the professionals. By contrast, Redbeacon also provides guided advice if you choose to do things yourself!


Walkscore is useful when you’ve decided which city you want to live, but haven’t quite nailed down your living situation. The Android and iOS app allows you to search a specific city, neighborhood or address and it displays housing prices and available rentals.

Additionally, Walkscore returns results for entertainment, dining and shopping in the selected area as well. It even estimates transit times based on your method of transportation, whether it is walking, driving, biking or public transportation.

While there isn’t a Wheaton Moving app, we do have a website where you can find all sorts of moving resources. You can even request a free, in-home estimate from us as well. Go on and check it out!