Wheaton Celebrates Driver’s 47 Year Career

Wheaton celebrates long dedicated career of Direct Driver Gyula Andorfi who is retiring after 47 years!

Gyula started with Bekins (now part of the Wheaton Worldwide Moving family) in 1976. In his early 20’s he and his three brothers defected from Hungary leaving behind his deaf parents who were not aware they were leaving because it would have put them in danger. He spent time in Italy for a year and from there moved to Miami, FL where he has lived ever since. His first job in Miami was with a union, however it was a short stint before a round of layoffs came. Since he was last in, he was first out. That’s when he started working for Bekins.

While on a trip in the early 90’s, he stopped over in El Paso, TX. He was checking on his shipment when four men robbed and stabbed him 7 times. He made a point to share that he had just locked the back doors of his trailer so the burglars couldn’t get inside. He took pride in his work and has been loyal to Bekins his entire career.

He lost his mom last year and his wife Annie 5 years ago, so retirement is bittersweet and why his Wheaton-Bekins family means so much to him. Attached is a pic from his last layover in Indianapolis when the Driver Services team made his favorite Goulash dish from his home country.

We thank Gyula for his decades of service and wish him the best in retirement.